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The Burke Literacy Council is a non-profit organization formed in 1988. Our mission is to teach adults and their families to read and/or improve their literacy skills and to instill in all those served a commitment to life-long learning!



There are numerous ways to contribute to Burke Literacy Council's mission! Below are just a few things you can do to help promote literacy in our community:

  • Become a tutor.

  • Read to children in the waiting room at participating doctors’ offices throughout the county.

  • Donate gently used children’s books – we offer these books in pediatrician offices, Health Department, and Social Services waiting rooms.

  • Join one of our committees

    • ABC Soup for Literacy 

    • General Fundraising

    • Community Outreach

  • Financially support our programs through a donation to help alleviate illiteracy in Burke County. 

Congratulations Hyunsook on obtaining your United States Citizenship!  What an outstanding accomplishment!  We are so Proud of You!


Contact us or take a look at our Volunteer page for more opportunities and information! Also look for us on Facebook!

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